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What we do...​

"If we have one obsession, it is that beneficial and valued changes brought about through development interventions should be permanent."

Richard Carter    


Our aim


We aim to assist clients in low-income countries to improve their practices and policies regarding the management of water, sanitation and food security.


We focus in particular on...


• the assessment and management of groundwater and surface water resources

• the development of water resources for domestic and productive uses; and

• the improvement of sanitation and hygiene.


Our ultimate aim is to contribute to beneficial and lasting change in the lives of those who lack water and food security and whose health is compromised by poor hygiene, sanitation and nutrition.


Our clients


We work with governments, NGOs, private companies, UN agencies, bilateral and multilateral donors and lenders – in other words any organisation which has a clear mandate to:


• determine national policies;

• set guidelines and regulatory frameworks; and / or

• deliver improved water and sanitation services to rural and urban populations.


With very few exceptions, we believe that national governments should be the ones to determine priorities and to lead the way in development of their own economies. All other players should be subject to national government leadership, although they have important roles in assisting governments and providing a reasoned critique of national policies and practices.


Values and mission


While retaining a healthy scepticism in regard to mission and vision statements, there are four things in particular in which we believe very strongly:


• quality of service – we believe in going the extra mile for our clients;

• relationships with clients – we do not wish to uncritically follow terms of reference, but rather value a constructive working relationship based on a dialogue between equals;

• we recognise our own limitations and are constantly striving to improve our knowledge, skills and professional practice;

• fair recompense - we believe that high quality work should be fairly rewarded but we will not over-charge or otherwise cheat our clients.


In all our work we offer a highly interactive experience in which Consultant(s) and Client work together to define the problem, agree the terms of reference and share the products of the assignment.  We assure the highest quality of the partnership, the process and the products of all our work.

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