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Michael Assefa Dadi


Programme/Project Manager and trainer with focus on Ethiopia



Professional info


I have over 20 years work experience on project/programme set-up and management in non-Governmental organisations and the public sector with special emphasis on grant management, sustainable livelihoods development, agribusiness incubation and development, value chain development, market oriented small and medium enterprise development, Natural Resource Management, food security, gender equality, small-scale enterprise development, WASH and organisational development.


I undertook my Post Graduate Diploma, Masters degree and Associate Degree (will graduate in 2016) from University of London, Cranfield University and most recently at North Seattle College-USA respectively. I joined the NGO sector in 1992 and worked with six international organisations. Most recently I worked as a Fund Manager and Country Representative with ICCO (Inter-Church Organisation for Development Cooperation) in Uganda and responsible for the Ethiopia programme.


I have hands-on experience in capacity development conducting trainings on a range of topics including: participatory methodologies, Project Cycle Management, Small scale entrepreneurship development, Monitoring and Evaluation, Objective Oriented Planning, Business Incubation, functional team building techniques, Partnership Management, result based management, Project and Program appraisal technique, value chain development, Participatory outcome/impact assessment techniques, and Environmental Impact Assessment.  I have a strong commitment and passion to release the latent potential of a local community to build on what they know and have.



Country experience


Primarily worked in Ethiopia with ocassional assignments in Angola Canada, Kenya, South Africa and Tanzania.

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